We Tasted The Poutine Donut… Which Wasn’t As Gross As You’d Expect

07.06.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

This July 1, just yards from the shores of Lake Erie and a few miles south of Buffalo, New York, a special treat was waiting for adventurous eaters if they knew where to look. Canada had a birthday and extremely Canadian donut shop Tim Hortons decided to make some special menu items in an extremely small selection of its United States stores.

What’s the most Canadian thing you can think of? Passive-aggressive kindness? Hockey? Poutine? Well, if it’s that last one, Tim Hortons was the place to be. They offered a Poutine Donut, a Maple-bacon Iced Cappuccino and Maple TimBits, which are Timmy Ho’s-branded donut holes.

The Canada Day menu was only available at five Tim Hortons stores in the United States, with three of them in the Buffalo area. As the only Buffalo Area Resident at Uproxx I was tasked to find a Tim Hortons restaurant that had the goods and try them for myself.

The parking lot was completely full when I showed up to the Lakeshore Road coffee shop around 11 a.m. on Saturday. I had to park in a lot across the street and walk over, eying up an overflowing drive thru lane that made me wonder if there would be any poutine donuts around to even purchase in the first place.

Thankfully, though the Tim Hortons was short staffed with human beings they had plenty of gravy and cheese curds. I ordered 10 Maple TimBits, a medium Maple-bacon Iced Cap and, of course, one Poutine Donut. The staff, though clearly frazzled, was extremely polite. The woman at the counter got my TimBits, then said she would bring the donut and Iced Cap to my table. The donut arrived in a cardboard clamshell, like a Big Mac would at a less-Canadian fast food restaurant.

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