Want To Get The Most Matches On Tinder? Data Says To Start Swiping At The Right Time Of Day

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01.28.16 2 Comments
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Not picking up any dates on the Tinder? Is it your picture? Your personality? The fact that you refuse to compromise and happily admit that you think you think Trump will make America great again? It could be! But it could also be that you’re on Tinder at the wrong time of day. Turns out that to maximize your likes, you’ve got to log on in the evening and keep swiping till midnight (or at least until Dora shows up and is all “stop. Please, no more swiping”).

According to Cosmopolitan, Tinder’s not crawling with users before 6pm or after 2am. That means that in order to secure some Netflix & Chill, you need to tell your friends you can’t go out, skip all your homework, and spend those magical seven hours between six and two swiping right and using cheesy pickup lines (some suggestions here) on people who don’t know you’re gaming the system.

From Cosmopolitan:

Data from Nielsen showed Tinder users are most active around 9 p.m., beginning to spike a few hours beforehand. The research firm found activity on the app begins to heat up around 6 p.m. most days and peaks at 9 p.m., with about 51.64 percent of the audience active in that hour. After 10 p.m., your chance of finding someone to hook up with crashes, with only 6 percent of users swiping. Only 1 percent of users checked the app after 2 a.m.

Never fear, though. If you’re looking for true love and utilizing more than one app, you should know that users are logging into OkCupid no matter what time of day it is. So while the waking world is ignoring Tinder, people are logging in to check who’s visited their OkC profile during their commute and after classes. Tinder, however, is dry as a bone during daylight. What does this mean for you? First, you’ve got to swipe more strategically; second, you’re going to need to download all the dating apps and start hedging your bets. With so many people out on the market, it’s almost impossible for you to stay single forever.

(Via Cosmopolitan)

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