Summer Is Halfway Over! Time To Hit Up The Nation’s Lesser-Known Natural Wonders

Life Writer
07.14.17 4 Comments

Cities often get the lion’s share of our travel-dollar love. It’s easy to see why — there are Michelin starred restaurants, booming breweries, and food trucks to visit. Who can argue with spending your time riding a bike through a booming metropolis with a gelato in hand? Who can complain about booking trips to NYC or Chicago or Austin?

But cities aren’t the only gems this country has to offer. America — densely populated as it is — has huge swaths of open and wild spaces, otherwise known as the Great Outdoors.

Just how much open space are we talking? Take this as an anecdotal example — Montana and Germany are roughly the same size, but Montana has just over one million people compared to Germany’s 82 million people. Germany still has a crazy amount of wide open spaces. So, comparatively, Montana may as well be empty.

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