Find Your New Favorite Food Truck With This Guide To Each State’s Best

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Well, we did it. We got in a van and in five days visited every food truck in America. Was it difficult eating thousands upon thousands of meals a day? That depends on your definition of “dead from a stomach explosion.” Which I’m sure varies from person to person.

In all seriousness though, this was really hard to do. Uproxx’s Alia Stearns undertook the project with a brave spirit — putting in so many hours of research and eating that we’re worried we violated some sort of labor laws. Probably all of them. But at the end of the week, she came up with a list featuring the very best food truck in every state of the union. Some picks were quintessential representations of regional cuisine, others were bold multi-cultural fusions, and more than a few were just plain old delicious.

Below you can read the full list of the winners, but if you haven’t yet read the descriptions and histories of the trucks by Alia, do yourself a favor and head to her lists of the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Western states. They are fantastically detailed and include descriptions of each truck’s food that will make you so hungry that you may (in a state of intense food jealousy) book a few food truck based vacations of your own this summer.

You can comment below with your state and whether or not we got it right! And while you’re commenting on the internet with the state you live in, why not mention the street you live on….and your mother’s maiden name….and your childhood pet’s name. Last four of your social? We’re just curious…we swear!

Also, check out the best beers in every state. You’re bound to get thirsty for a local beer while eating plate after plate of fusion tacos, right?


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