A Visual Tour Of Where To Eat, Drink, And Listen To Music In Manchester, England

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Manchester is my second home, the place I visit most often. It’s a city brimming with musical history, old-school timbered pubs, a stellar and deeply multicultural food scene, and some of the best parties you’ll ever find in England. It is the birthplace of Morrissey, of Anthony Burgess, of The Gallagher brothers. But now the city is also synonymous with a great and senseless tragedy — a terrorist bombing that took the lives of 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert.

Grief and reconciliation will take an unbearably long time. All I can think of right now, in the wake of tragedy, is how amazing the people of this city are, how full of life it was and will be again. Now, as the city begins to heal, we should celebrate all the parts of Manchester that make it a formidable and fantastic city that everyone needs to visit at least once.

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