Here Are The Chefs Vying To Cook Trump’s Well-Done White House Steaks

11.21.16 3 years ago 9 Comments

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Rumor on the street is that President-elect Donald J. Trump was surprised to learn that he needed to hire up to 4,000 people just to keep the White House running. One of those hires (or re-hires) is the executive chef of the White House kitchen. The pay is below $100,000 per year, the hours are long, and the gig requires putting out large amounts of food for an endless array of state dinners and government events. Plus supplying the three squares per day for the commander-in-chief.

Also, in this case, you’d probably be forced to ruin some very expensive cuts of beef. It’s one of the hardest chef jobs in the world.

So who will be America’s next White House executive chef? The Washingtonian has released the short list that’s forming in President-elect Trump’s bizarrely-coiffed head right now. Though it might not be as important as, say, Secretary of State or Justice, it’s still a huge boon for a chef to raise to the top of the food world via the White House.

Here are are a few of their picks spliced with a few of our own:


Chef Comerford was appointed by George W. Bush to the role in 2005 after working the White House kitchen since Bill Clinton was in the Oval Office back in 1995. She has 21 years under her belt, eleven of those as the executive chef.

If Trump wants to go with the most qualified candidate, then Chef Comerford is an easy choice to make. However, the immigrant Philippino-American may not be welcome anymore in the White House given the anti-immigration leanings of many on Trump’s team.

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