Donald Trump Can Never Be Taken Seriously Again: He Orders Steak Well Done

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There’s a special place in hell for people who order well done steaks, and that tiny, burnt corner is a flavorless place where people with no taste reside. People like Donald Trump, clearly. Ruth Sherlock, the US Editor for the Daily Telegraph was in New Hampshire when Trump and his family took up a corner booth and ordered all of their various meats well done. Seriously — even their chicken and fish. Who are these dry food loving robots?!

“He sat beside Melania, his wife, and Donald Trump junior, his son. Three members of the family ordered “well done” chicken and another a “well done” salmon.”

I don’t mean to meatsplain, but please refer to this handy guide below for the various levels of joy and horror that can be found with a delicious steak:


Rare is the way to order steak. Medium rare if you must. Well done is like ordering jerky.

Is Trump so concerned with making America great again that he can no longer taste or feel? Does his pulse only raise when he thinks about erecting a wall? This must be explained. A $54 steak and he orders it well done? Why not just order tacos at Burger King, or mozzarella sticks at McDonalds? And he thinks he can be our POTUS?

This man even had a steak line of his own that you could buy at Sharper Image! It make so much sense now. No man who cared about steaks would dare sell them next to high-end massage chairs and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

There’s a good chance that this ends Trump’s strong support in red states. A man with a thirst for blood who orders steaks well done is rare indeed.

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