Tupac Shakur’s Dream Restaurant Opened In Honor Of His Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Ascension

In case you missed it, Tupac Shakur was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last weekend. To honor that momentous occasion, NYC restaurant Sweet Chick (owned by Nas) decided to rebrand for the weekend — popping up as Shakur’s dream restaurant: Powamekka Cafe. Sweet Chick used one of ‘Pac’s many scribblings from his legal pads to redesign their restaurant. And the results are pretty spot on — from the atmosphere to the branding on the walls to the food being served.

‘Pac envisioned a “Passionate Place 4 People With Power 2 Play and Parlay” with some classic soul food on the tables. The menu ranges from fried BBQ wingz, mac ‘n cheeze, chicken and waffles, and chili cheeze fries to baller cocktails, or ‘Drinkz.’ And, yes, there’s definitely a ‘Thug Passion’ and ‘Purple Drink’ on the menu along with a ‘Queen Cali’ and a ‘Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all’ (a Sidecar variation).

Unfortunately for us, the pop up was only opened over the weekend (and once previously in California, by a different group). Last night brought the whole affair to an end, so we took to our old friend Instagram to pull some pics from the restaurant, food, and drinks to honor the late rap king.

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Brunchin' Tupac Style.

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