Californians Flocked To That One-Night-Only Tupac Restaurant

If writing for the internet has taught me anything, it’s that Californians love to stand in long lines for themed restaurants. But at least the people who went to Fresno’s Tupac-themed pop-up Powamekka Café had a good reason to queue up: if they didn’t go on September 13, then they’d never go.

The one-night-only restaurant was based around sketches and recipes that the late rapper had cooked up in his notebook, with plans for eventually opening a restaurant of his own. The restaurant’s logo and name come straight from Shakur and it opened up in Fresno’s Fulton Mall for a single night on the 20th anniversary of his death.

First off, f*ck your b*tch and the clique you claim let’s talk about those lines. Fans of food and Pac alike gathered hours before the restaurant even opened and the line never seemed to let up throughout the night.

Once inside, fans had a choice of several song title-based dishes (or Mac & Cheeseburger, but whatever) including “Brenda’s Baby-Back Ribs” and “California Love Chicken Sandwiches.”

The actual restaurant interior was covered in local artists’ tributes to Tupac.

And if anyone dared to doubt how well the organizers had catered to Tupac’s original plan, they blew up the rapper’s notes and put them on the wall.

On the way out, diners could grab a Thug Passion cake pop, complete with a very specific guarantee.

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