Watch These Turkey Fryer Fails And Feel Better About Your Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is here, and you know what that means. Everyone and their brother considers themselves a master chef, seeking to cook the fabled holiday fowl to crispy, delicious perfection. Lately, it is fairly unanimous that the most delicious turkey is the deep fried turkey — because deep frying anything tends to turn the tastiness up to eleven. It’s not even that unhealthy for you (thanks, peanut oil!), at least on the deep fried scale of clogged arteries. However, things can take a nasty turn if you don’t fry it properly, leading to fiery explosions, painful burns, property damage, and seriously ruined holidays.

While dealing with copious amounts of boiling oil is always a cause for caution, the key is to properly thaw your bird. When you just toss a frozen turkey into the oil, all of the water sinks to the bottom of the pot, evaporates, and causes your turkey and your eyebrows to be eviscerated in a dangerous fireball. Don’t take my word for it (Or the Shat’s). Check out some of these horrifying turkey fails and remember to be safe this Thanksgiving.

Calling the fire department was the absolute right call there (and in any instance like this). Look at that deck. You don’t want to explode a deck that nice.

Turkey frying pro tip: always wear shoes.

Sure, this is a controlled test with actual fireman, but seriously. This could be in your backyard. Please note the moment when the ENTIRE SCREEN WAS FILLED WITH FIRE!

This should be common sense, but if the vat of oil is already on fire, ABANDON SHIP.

It’s almost impressive how totally chill the camera guy is when faced with a towering inferno of grease and bird parts.

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