Turmeric Lattes Might Be Set To Overtake Pumpkin Spice, But How Do They Actually Taste?

09.27.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

There’s good news for pumpkin-spice haters: the trend appears to finally, finally be starting its slow decline. Is there anywhere it can go but down, when places like McDonald’s hops on the bandwagon with offerings like pumpkin spice french fries?

But really. There’s actual, backing data that pumpkin spice is on the downward trend, and it comes from the hawks at Pinterest. According to their numbers, saved pins for pumpkin spice lattes are down 15 percent from last year. Anthony Bourdain will be overjoyed.

Don’t think this is the end of the bright orange drink era, though. Because taking its place, maybe, possibly, according to the data: the turmeric latte. As of September, people have been saving two times the pins for turmeric latte recipes.

Turmeric. Latte. Let that sink in. Turmeric is that orangey-yellow powder you’ve had lurking in the back of your spice cupboard since the last time you tried to make curry. It stains everything. It tastes like earth. And it’s set to become the next big drink flavoring.

The reason for this trend is much more about health than flavor. The Guardian speculates that the rise in the spice’s popularity is due to increased awareness of its health benefits – proponents believe it aids in everything from coughs and fevers to cancer. The market research firm Mintel named the root one of its foods to watch in 2016. Gwenyth Paltrow loves her some turmeric.

But…in a latte?

Actually, turmeric lattes aren’t what you think they are. For one thing, there is no coffee involved – just turmeric and milk, along with a few other flavoring spices and optional sweetener. They’re very similar to something called, haldi doodh (literally, turmeric milk), a south Asian drink women traditionally consume for the touted skin-lightening benefits. Haldi doodh recipes usually include turmeric powder, milk, and a dash of pepper, along with an optional addition of ghee, says the Guardian.

Turmeric lattes, then, are a slightly more spiced-up version of haldi doodh. And of course I couldn’t write an article about the trend without trying it myself.

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