There’s A Heatwave In The UK And The Twitter Jokes Are As Hot As The Temperatures

Heat waves suck. They probably suck even more when you’re acclimatized to a country that doesn’t get them all that often. Like, say, the (possibly) United Kingdom of Great (little) Britain and (maybe) Northern Ireland. This week sees the start of a predicted two-week-long heat wave that’s about to devour western Europe and the UK.

People are taking to Twitter to remind everyone that, yes, it’s finally hot in the UK. And, yes, it’s the perfect opportunity for 140-character jokes and memes to flow freely when the A/C fails, or you actually have to go outside.

Without further ado, here are some of the funnier tweets coming from the UK and Ireland, where temperatures might break into the high 80s to 90s this week. Scorching!

We knew we could somehow blame this on millennials and Pokemon Go.

Some seriously hot takes.

And some Simpsons love to take us home.