The UK Just Became A Very Attractive Budget Travel Destination, Here’s What To See This Summer

In case you missed it, the English (and Welsh) voted for chaos yesterday. The next two years will be a critical balance in renegotiation and reassessment of everything from air travel to the Scotch sitting on your grocery store shelf. All indicators are pointing to disaster. It’s kinda like watching Mad Max last summer and deciding that instead of wanting a dope sequel you want to actually live out that movie, in a place where it rains more.

Already Northern Ireland and Scotland are calling for their independence from the United Kingdom. Are the Irish and Scottish the types to fight for their independence if they deem it necessary?


As expected, the British pound took a nosedive this morning. Based solely on the exchange-rate, this is probably the most advantageous moment of your lifetime to visit the UK. If you’re an opportunistic traveler, you’re loving the fact that $1.35 buys you a pound. Flights, food, hotels, booze — it’s all going to feel much more affordable — which is a big deal when so many U.S. travelers traditionally come home from London mumbling despondently about sticker shock. If you’re a budget backpacker, areas that were once cost prohibitive are now substantially more affordable. If you’re a little more established, your splurging power has just gotten a nice bump.

Here’s another reason to visit: travel is the enemy of xenophobia. Every trip you take is an endorsement of a big-hearted, anti-fear-mongering world. Countries in flux are fascinating — it’s why we’ve been so hyped on Cuba — so book your UK tickets, witness the changes, and stand for the power of travel to unite our world.

Once you get there, here are a few ideas about where to focus your energies:


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There’s a old Scottish proverb, Guid gear comes in sma’ bulk. Or, Good gear comes in small bulk. It basically means good things come in small packages. Scotland is kinda like a small package of all the things we love, and fear, about Britain. Their best small package is nice bottle of uisce beatha, the water of life, or whisky. (Their most paradoxical small package is that wee sheep’s stomach filled with offal and herbs, called Haggis.)