A Primer On Upcycling — Where To Start And What We Love

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There’s recycling, and then there’s upcycling. And while both are great for the environment, upcycling comes with a special sort of satisfaction at the end of the day. As you gaze in pride at your finished product, you get to say “Yeah, I just turned my favorite threadbare pillowcases into garment bags with just some bias tape and liquid adhesive. You’re welcome, Mother Earth.”

The best part about upcycling is that there are no limits, no rules — you’re bound only by your own creativity and what you can find on Pinterest. You can earn a little extra spending money for yourself by doing something as simple as transforming an old ladder into an overpriced shelving unit. You can get crazy creative and turn that old filing cabinet from your pre-paperless days into a meat smoker. You can even get super involved in the upcycling/waste transformation movement and make some coffee flour. Mmm, mildly caffeinated pastries…

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