These Subscription Boxes Deliver A Life Upgrade To Your Doorstep

Have you noticed? A new era of capitalism has begun. It’s a fresh commerce model that requires painfully little effort. Subscription boxes, once a thing reserved for jam of the month clubs and then, eventually, beauty samples, are starting to steamroll the marketplace.

Are you a fan of artisan spices? Have new exotic ones sent to you once a month for a flat fee. Want to try some new workout clothes without a public dressing room? There’s a box for that, too. And while some of the crate services are a little frivolous (do you really need a bacon of the month club subscription?) (yes, obviously, bad example), others can genuinely help you get your life in order.

From tools to toothbrushes, here are some of the most useful subscription boxes out there:

The Handy Box

It’s time for you (or your significant other) to be a little more helpful around the house. The Handy Box comes with home improvement tools and unique household gadgets worth more than $40 in value. Past boxes have included a 40-piece socket set, an adjustable wrench, and a pivoting work light.

The box comes in three different subscription plans: a recurring, 1-month plan for $28.95 total; a recurring, 3-month plan for $83.85; or a recurring, 6-month plan for $161.70.


This one is specifically geared toward college students, but, let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a fresh supply of socks and undies once a month?

Doteable offers boxes for both men and women, in two sizes: the smaller for $15 and larger for $45. The boys’ and girls’ “Dorm Duffel” boxes come with socks, boxers, casual tees and a razor, in addition to a duffel bag and some fun snacks.

All the included items total more than $70 in value. Doteable comes once a month until you cancel your subscription, and your first box is only $30. It’s the perfect gift option for the mom or dad who are too busy enjoying their freedom to remember to send supplies.

Club W

Attention, winos: You officially don’t even need to leave your house to try some of the coolest new reds.

After creating a palate profile on Club W’s website, you’ll be given a choice of at least 10 wines to select from. Subscribers can pick three (or more) options to add to their box. Most combinations of three total to $39 a month, plus $6 flat rate shipping. Each month, a new batch of selections will pop up. You can skip a month any time, for no extra charge.


Stop using that same, old grimy toothbrush for months on end. With GoodMouth, toothbrushes, electric heads, toothpaste, and floss are delivered to your home every one to three months.

First, pick the amount of people in your household and the delivery frequency you’re looking for. Just one brush costs $2.00 with a $1.50 flat fee for shipping. Electric heads and floss come for an additional fee, but not much more.

Book of the Month

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Don’t have time to make it to the library or Barnes and Noble, but want something to get you through that morning public transit commute? Try the Book of the Month club. Less overwhelming than stacks of fiction at a big box store, Book of the Month offers you five selections to choose from on the first of each month. You’ll receive your selected hardcover by the sixth.

A one-month, recurring membership costs $16.99; a 3-month, recurring plan is $44.97, and a year-long subscription is $143.88. This month’s selections include, for example, a Mitch Albom novel chosen by “judge” Hoda Kotb and The Oregon Trail (it is undetermined if anyone dies of dysentery).


You need to cook more – but finding a recipe and trekking to the grocery store is a hassle. Enter Plated, a weekly meal subscription service that’ll inspire you to use your oven for more than just storage.

Each week, pick recipes you like through an online account, and Plated sends you all the ingredients to master a meal for up to six.

Plated has several meal plans to choose from, the most inexpensive being $48 a week with $6 for shipping for two meals for two people. The most expensive – seven meals a week for 2 – runs at $168 (but with free shipping!). Obviously, the price also goes up as you add diners. Users can skip a week at their choosing, and add desert on for an additional fee.


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We live in the age of the Keurig, and as such, good ‘ol grounds sometimes don’t cut it. Rather than endlessly working through the same boxes of 18, MixCups sends you a monthly supply of a variety of single-cup beverages. From seasonal roasts to hot chocolate, users select their preferences and pick their mixes.

MixCups offers three plans: the Mini Mix, or 10 single-cup coffees or teas a month for $10.95; Mix of the Month, which is 30 cups for $26.95 a month or Mega Mix, 60 cups for $48.95 per month. Users then select a one, three, six or 12-month subscription, which (remarkably) doesn’t automatically renew and can be paused at any time.


Stuck in a dinner and a movie rut? DateCrates has the answer. Shipped to your door once a month, DateCrates provides a special activity for you and your significant other.

Subscribers pick a general date idea through the website, like “Sushi Master,” but are left mostly in the dark about the box’s surprise contents. Crates range from $35 to $50 and must be ordered by the 15th of the month in order to get it the first week of the following month.


ePantry lets you curate a supply of household items like dishwashing detergent, toilet paper, and shampoo. First, go through a general preferences quiz and then pick one of ePantry’s organic and sustainable brands like Method. All of your selected products will be shipped to you within days. Add items to the pantry for them to be automatically sent the next month.

Prices range based on your selected items.

So, how many “crate” deliveries are you going to be expecting next month?

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