Visiting These Stunning Spring Blooms Will Cheer You Up After A Bleak Winter

It’s been a long winter. The past few months have been filled with storm after storm — battering us to no end. We’ve been forced to stay inside, curled under the blankets until it’s all over. And that’s just the politics! There’s been snow, too. And sleet. And for those of us in California, slightly more rain than usual (we’ve suffered the hardest, obviously). In short: it’s been rough.

So with spring starting this week, we’re turning our attention to sunshine, warmth, and birds singing in the trees. Because we f*cking need this. We’re like the anti-Starks. “Spring is coming!”

Around the world, flowers are taking note and blooming, their colorful petals reminding us that all seasons have an end. Even seasons of the show Supernatural do eventually end (though the show will outlive us all).

So look at the most beautiful gardens in the world and know that no matter how tough it is now, spring is here. And while everything will probably be just as shitty, it will be shitty in sunlight. And that’s always just a tiny bit better, isn’t it?