A Visual Tour Of The Food At The Obama’s New Favorite Restaurant

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Delete your photos, erase your messages, do whatever it takes to make some space on your phone because you’re going to want to jot this down. It appears the Obamas have finally caught up on all the sleep they lost while in office and now they’re moving on to more important things, like filling their bellies!

Over the weekend, Barack, Michelle, and Malia Obama took a trip to one of their favorite NYC eateries — Carbone and now our mouths are watering and we are swooning because the man has style.

The fans are fawning….

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I got to shake my personal hero's hand last night

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but we’re hyped on the food.

Because this veal parm is… wow.

Located in Greenwich Village, Carbone, “affectionately picks up the clichés of its genre, twirls them, then hurls them at your head,” according to the New York Times. And who doesn’t love super expensive red-sauce dripping down their faces? This Italian-American restaurant was created by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeff Zalaznick to pay homage to the essence of the great Italian-American restaurants of mid-20th century in New York, much to the Obama’s liking apparently.

According to Eater, then President Obama visited in July 2015 with his daughters.

Oh boy. Isn’t all that clapping and cheering and camera flashing in such an intimate space bizarrely unsettling? Regardless, the Prez obviously enjoyed himself enough to return on Thursday, causing quite the emotional rollercoaster for at least one Yelper:

At first we were upset because we had to wait an hour after our reservation was made…but it was because the Obama’s were sitting at the table we reserved! So, I think that about sums it up. The food is amazing. I couldn’t stop eating the bread and I can confirm that the Spicy Rigatoni Vodka is to die for.

While we add this to our list of NYC eateries to visit, we’d also like to formally express our condolences to Sasha Obama who is stuck in school and missing out on spectacularly parmigiana’d food. We’re sorry. We’ve all been there and we can confidently say your time to enjoy handmade semolina rigatoni instead of your school’s soggy noodles will come soon!