VIDEO: ‘Warriors Of The West’ Show Us The Communities That Support Firefighters On The Ground

Wildfires often strike in the middle of nowhere and without warning, leaving firefighters with the dangerous challenge of operating miles away from vital resources. Luckily, disaster assistance companies like Fire Dawg provide firefighters and first responders with the resources they need to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. Without the services that Fire Dawg provides, firefighters simply wouldn’t be able to fight the flames and save lives.

In addition to coordinating “wildland nations” that bring communities of vendors together by providing shower units, fuel trucks, and caterers, Fire Dawg also handles the clerical work, mapping, and crafting of incidence action plans (or IAPs) that give firefighters the information they need to do their job.

“Everybody has an IAP in their pockets… everything I need to know is in there and I totally rely on it. Without the IAP we just wouldn’t exist,” explains Public Information Officer and Firefighter Kale Casey. The IAP contains critical information that informs firefighters on how to operate efficiently, lists their objectives, and explains what roles specific firefighters need to play. When you’re in a chaotic situation with the ever-present potential for disaster all around you, this information can be vital.

Click on the latest video in our Warriors Of The West series to learn more about the Fire Dawgs and all the resources it takes to make fighting wildfires possible.

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