Let This Couple Demonstrate Exactly Why You Don’t Need An Overly Elaborate Marriage Proposal

01.06.17 3 years ago

When my husband and I decided to get married, we were in the car discussing the particulars of a horrible wedding we’d just attended. I said “you want to get married?” He said “New number, who dis?” and two weeks later we eloped! While our friends hounded us about the fact that we didn’t have a romantic proposal story, it was perfect for us, and if you’re one of those people who isn’t really into all that “romantic sh*t” then this story will vindicate all your beliefs.

If you’re the type of person who does want a romantic proposal on a secluded beach or some far-flung mountain somewhere, here’s a tip: Don’t do it on a rock under a waterfall because you’re going to regret your entire life.

This isn’t an advice piece, though, so let’s check out some actual cold hard evidence: Meet Isaiah Adams and his girlfriend Grace (last name redacted because OMG HOW EMBARRASSING) who got engaged at Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland and immediately regretted the decision.

From Refinery 29:

He got down on one knee, she said yes, she kissed him, and he was about to slip the engagement ring on her finger…

When the ring went tumbling down into the water. You can hear her screaming, “Oh my god!” in the video below. “I was crying with happiness, but then I was crying with fear at the same time. I looked up and his face was just shock,” Grace told Inside Edition. They never found the ring.

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