Weed Nutella Is In The Works And Will Probably Be The Best Selling Product Ever

How could we expect anything less? From the makers of Pif (weed Jif-inspired peanut butter) and Smokers (weed Smucker’s-inspired jelly) comes the product you thought was too good to be true, Chrontella (weed Nutella, you see the pattern, right?). And because everything worth doing is certainly worth overdoing, the product sports a THC milligram count that crushes the recommended dose.

It was recently reported that a comfortable buzz only takes 10 to 30 milligrams, depending on your tolerance. Each jar of Chrontella has 300 milligrams and sports three servings per jar. That may help justify the fact that its creators don’t seem quite ready to go mainstream. Which may be a really good thing. We all know how helpless we are to the powers of hazelnut chocolate spread. A product like this would take some serious portion control, portion control few Nutella lovers have.

It’s been reported that Chrontella can be purchased for $23 a jar, but no one knows where to find the stuff just yet. For now, stick to your old-fashioned Pif and Smokers sandwiches and get high with less hardcore snacks.