Microsoft Insists MacBooks Are As Useful As A ‘Hat For Your Cat’ In A Strange New Ad

Microsoft has a long, grand tradition of strange advertising. They jumped on Double Rainbow so hard it broke, they paid for what amounts to an episode of Friends to plug Windows 95, and that’s really just the surface of coming up on forty years of just utter strangeness. So, in that context, this is right in line with tradition, even if it is trying to reignite the PC vs. Mac wars of the ’00s that we’re all glad are over.

And to be fair, it’s not wrong, either. Microsoft’s pitch is that its Surface Pro 4 is a better laptop than Apple’s current line of MacBooks. That isn’t a hard pitch to make considering the Surface Pro 4 has some surprisingly useful features. Microsoft even plays fair by comparing MacBooks and Surfaces with similar processors, the Intel Core i7, although it should be noted that the Surface is essentially a tablet that can be turned into a laptop. The iPad Pro might be a better comparison.

On the other hand, Microsoft also force the singer scoring this ad into a cat mask:

So, in terms of cruelty towards actors, at least, Apple has the leg up. Whether Microsoft has the advantage in processing power remains to be seen; Apple will likely debut the chip the next iPad Pro will be based on, the A10, next week when it debuts the new iPhone.

(Via The Verge)

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