KFC’s Phone-Charging Box Isn’t The Only Strange Technological Mashup

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KFC is no stranger to unusual marketing ideas, but the Watt A Box takes it to a new level. Currently being handed out as a special prize in India, the Watt a Box has a battery bank and connectors on the side, so you can plug in your phone while snacking on biscuits. It’s a strange tech crossover, mixing a fast-food container and a phone battery, but not, perhaps, the strangest in a world where anything from an umbrella to a drinking cup can be appified, magnetized, and overengineered to within an inch of its life. Here are a few other ways people tried to mix technology into everyday life and overdid it just a little bit. Warning: as strange as some of these may seem, you’re probably going to at least be intrigued by some of them.

The Vessyl

The Vessyl is a cup designed to track your hydration needs. Most of us do this by drinking a glass of water and noting it on an app, but the Vessyl will do that for you. To be fair, that’s got genuine medical use, but this is still a water glass that costs $100 in part because it uses magnets to slide the lid open so you can drink. And it comes with a $20 coaster to charge it. And has a $15 carrying case. Look, overengineering something isn’t cheap.

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