This Is The Type Of Cheese Chipotle Uses In Its Burritos, Bowls, And Tacos

Something I love about Chipotle is how crazy they go on the shredded cheese. It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering a burrito, a bowl, or an order of tacos, if you ask for cheese you’re getting a large handful. If you ask for “a bit more cheese” you’re not getting a pinch more, you’re getting another handful. You don’t have to feel ashamed for asking for more cheese and you’re not going to get upcharged.

It’s a cheese-lovers paradise!

And it’s good cheese, too. Salty, creamy, a bit nutty… how is McDonald’s going to charge me extra for another slice of American cheese when Chipotle is over here grating its cheese from a block and not giving a second thought to us asking for more of it? It’s crazy. Let’s hope they don’t catch on.

If you can’t get enough of Chipotle’s cheese but don’t want to keep shelling out the money for a $10+ burrito, we feel that. So let’s bring some of that mild and buttery cheesy magic to your kitchen. There is a lot of debate about what cheese Chipotle uses, there are threads on Reddit where people try to crack the code. Is it some kind of combination of cheeses? Is it a Mexican cheese? But Chipotle is pretty open about what it uses, it’s written right on the Chipotle Ingredients list, a handy list of all 53 ingredients on the menu and where they’re used.

It’s Monterrey Jack. The only other cheese Chipotle uses is White Cheddar, which is blended with Monterey Jack for its Queso Blanco, but the shredded stuff that they pile into burritos, on top of bowls, and into your tacos? That’s pure Monterey Jack cheese.

If you’re going to pick up some Monterey Jack at the market, be sure you’re getting a block and shredding it yourself, not that pre-shredded stuff that is kept from metling together and sticking with a dusting of cellulose. Some of our favorite brands include Joseph’s Farms, Boar’s Head, and Tillamook. For a spicy twist on the flavor, reach for a pepper jack!

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