Sunday’s Supermoon: When To See It & How To Instagram It

11.30.17 2 years ago

Leaving aside the contingent of people who think they’re the end of the world, supermoons, where the moon is unusually close to the Earth, are always a celestial treat. This Sunday, the moon will seem bigger and brighter than it usually does, 16% brighter in fact. So, when can you see it? And how should you shoot it for posterity?

First of all, the supermoon will be this Sunday, December 3rd, and you’ll want to look for the supermoon at moonrise. That will offer the most visible effect, because you’ll be able to see the scale of the moon. More on that in a minute. If you’re a night owl, you might want to stick around for 3:45am EST, which is when the moon will be at its brightest and largest in the sky. Keep in mind we’re not talking a sky filled with the moon; it’s only going to be about 7% bigger at that point.

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