A Beginner’s Guide For Becoming A Whiskey Geek

Life Writer
06.14.17 16 Comments

Tasting whiskey (or whisky) can be fun as hell. First, there’s the excitement of getting to open a nice bottle. Then there’s the fact that you’re learning something new — expanding your knowledge of a great spirit while deepening your own palate. It’s the perfect combination of personal growth paired with semi-drunken revelry.

That said, whiskey tastings can also prove daunting. There’s a lot of terminology and geography involved. It can get pretty granular pretty damn quickly. So we’ve put together a concise beginner’s guide to give you a solid footing. We don’t go into the intense scientific and chemical analyses here. It’s just a foundation so you know what you’re walking into the next time you want to learn while getting buzzed.

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