Hey Lovebirds, White Castle Is Now Accepting Reservations For Valentine’s Day


Calling all couples on a budget! White Castle is now accepting reservations for Valentine’s Day, which they’ve done with much success over the last few years. It’s perfect for the boyfriend who doesn’t want to put any effort forth on February 14th, or the duo who’s really into romantic nights spent sharing cheap sliders and onion rings.

Afraid the White Castle experience is just not special enough for your special someone? First of all, if it’s okay for a 102 year-old lady to celebrate her birthday at, it’s good enough for you. Second of all, you shouldn’t worry — as the menu is full of intimate meals like their trademark sliders, waffles, or something called “shrimp nibblers.”

Couples around the country already consider this yearly tradition a special night out and an event to lock down as soon as the restaurant starts taking reservations. No judgement here, of course. Roses, table side service, and delicious food can be found at a myriad of places around the country but for five or ten times the price. Opting for a reasonably priced dinner that also happens to include crave-worthy cheeseburgers seems like a savvy move. Plus, it proves that you have a sense of humor about the corporate-crafted love-fest that is Valentine’s Day in the first place. A win for everyone involved!