Here’s Why Luke Aikins’ Record Setting Skydive Event Almost Didn’t Happen

07.31.16 3 years ago

On Saturday night, Luke Aikins became the first man to jump from a plane at 25,000 feet without the aid of a parachute during a Fox television special.

Watching to famous skydiver attempt the death-defying feat was nerve-wracking enough for viewers at home but it sounds like getting the stunt green-lit was even more dramatic than the jump itself. Obviously, anytime someone wants to go on air and possibly kill themselves in the name of entertainment, a few hoops must first be jumped through. While Fox was seemingly okay with the whole Mission Impossible stunt, the good people at SAG-AFTRA weren’t so keen on the fact that Aikins might splat in front of millions of people watching from home instead of landing in the designated safety-area — a giant net meant to catch him before he hit the dirt.

Aikins had practiced and made calculations for the fall plenty of time before the actual jump, but just a few days before the event was scheduled to air live, the union informed his team he wouldn’t be allowed to launch from the plane without a parachute strapped on.

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