Meet The Witch Who Can Get That Virus Out Of Your Computer

witch spell

Meet Reverend Joey Talley, a Wiccan and ordained minister, who can apparently get viruses out of any Silicon Valley computer by casting spells. The first tech issue she resolved was fixing a client’s burglar alarm clearing out a blockage in his wall. No, really.

In an interview with Motherboard, Talley explains that companies in the Bay area are afraid to approach her, and so she only deals with individuals.

As for how she does it? “I just go in and work the energy.” Her stone of choice for most computers is chloride. Depending on the energy of each individual computer, she will also do a magic spell or tape a magic charm onto the computer.

Talley also explains how the viruses are akin to ghosts or demons:

Think of demons as entities—they eat, they absorb energy, and they want to be fed. Computers are a vast store of electromagnetic energy, as well as messages. Sometimes when a demon is in a computer system, it’s just like a roach in a kitchen. It just eats and stays out of the way. But some demons are working for someone’s who’s trying to hurt you, and those are the really hard ones.

To skeptics, Talley recommends a book called The Spiral Dance, one of the seminal works on Wicca. Usually, though, “they’re just interested in hating.”

(Via Motherboard)