Weekend Conversation: What’s Your Dating Nightmare?

07.08.16 3 years ago

Its no secret that the best laid plans often unravel into an awkward mess when it comes to dating. You wind up in traffic, the restaurant loses your reservation, it’s the hot air balloon operator’s first day, you find out that you were being catfished, or SOMEONE TRIES TO FRAME YOU FOR MURDER — these things happen… probably. The point is, on some level, you probably know something about nightmare dates, so, we asked our staff to spill their guts (literally, in one case) and talk about their own hellish experiences. And since you are good people, we know that you’ll pick us all up by sharing your own experiences in a, “Hey, buddy, I get it” kind of way in the comment section.

When The Wheels Fall Off

Back when I was in my early 20s, my now-wife picked me up from work in high heels and a party dress. We hopped in our pickup and headed straight for the bedroom (sorry, but it’s true). Sadly, we were diverted when we hit a massive pot hole and cracked our rear axle. I’m not sure if the prospect of spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of crap truck or the tight fit in the tow truck served as the ultimate cooler on that night, but unsurprisingly, no sex was had.

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