Inside The Mostly Hilarious And Sometimes Terrifying Experience Of Flying In Zero Gravity

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12.13.16 9 Comments

Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for Pepsi Zero Sugar

Who is the coolest person you can think of? Better yet, pick someone who thinks he’s the coolest person. Justin Bieber. Donald Trump. Perhaps Stephen Dorff, shirtless on the beach and sucking on an eCig. Choose someone who is just so freaking cool that he refuses to show weakness or a shred of humility. He’d rather die than laugh at himself. He could slip on a banana peel and step on a rake, which would hit him squarely in the balls and face, and still walk away from it like nothing happened. “Totally fine, bro. Meant to do that sh*t.”

For me it’s Kanye West. Remember when he was caught smiling on camera at an NBA Finals game and immediately reverted to his super serious “genius artist” face? Like, “How dare you expose my human side to the world?!?!” Whomever you’ve chosen, I finally know how to break the coolest people in the world: put them on a zero gravity flight. Because as I recently learned, that’s the one thing that can, without fail, penetrate a cool dude’s thick, humorless armor and make him look like a helpless child.

In support of the nonprofit organization ZERO, which is “taking action to end prostate cancer and making prostate cancer research a national priority,” Pepsi Zero Sugar launched the #GetZero and #GiveZero campaign to raise money and allow a group of lucky contest winners to do something unimaginably fun: Fly on a zero gravity plane. Pepsi drinkers were asked to submit photos of the moves and poses they’d use in zero gravity, and the chosen few would board a flight for Zero G: The Weightless Experience out of Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.

Fortunately, they invited me to tag along and experience zero gravity for myself. I admit without hesitation that it was impossibly fun – and I’ve never felt like a bigger dork.

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