Can You Defeat Your Fear Of Zombies By Becoming One Yourself?

Meet Uproxx’s Phoebe Hettel, a woman who hates zombies. But hate might be an understatement for what Hettel truly feels about walkers. While a healthy fear of the undead is normal and good for your survival, Phoebe is truly terrified of the multitude of flesh and brain eaters who regularly appear on your TV. So what do you do to someone who needs to “take a deep breath” before even thinking about a biter being in her vicinity? Send her to Zombie Bootcamp at Universal Studios and see how she fares.

Guided through the experience by Greg Nicotero, The Walking Dead‘s director and executive producer, and John Murdy, the Creative Director at Universal Studios Hollywood — who helpfully informs her that people who freak out while in the attraction are eaten — Hettel not only meets a zombie face-to-face (she touches him!), but even learns how to accurately portray one well enough to be a part of the show. But the terror? It never stops!

“At first, I thought Phoebe’s whole ‘I’m scared of zombies thing’ was a put on,” Uproxx editor Steve Bramucci, who joined Hettel on her adventure, explains. “But I was with her and I’m telling you, she was legitimately terrified. Like, trembling.”

Will Phoebe Hettel ever sleep again? No one knows for sure, but we expect her to have at least one horrifying dream about “Joe” when she does!