2017’s Movie Sequels, Reboots, And Remakes: The Complete Guide

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There are, right now, 43 sequels, reboots, and remakes on Hollywood schedule for 2017. In fact, 21 of them are the third in the series or higher, the first wide Hollywood release of 2017 is a sequel, and February 10th, June 9th, October 27th and November 3rd are release dates with, as of this writing, nothing but sequels as major releases. Just what this says about Western culture and the film industry is probably an endless argument, but it’s pretty astounding just on the face of it. So what’s getting yet another part, and what’s coming back? Here’s a month-by-month look.


Underworld: Blood Wars, January 6th

Considering Kate Beckinsale hasn’t aged a day since Underworld came out in 2003, I’m not entirely sure this series isn’t a documentary masquerading as a fictional supernatural romp. Other than a short detour into prequel territory that explained why vampires and lycans hate each other so much, each successive entry in the franchise has performed better than the last, showing that not even critical disdain can slow the juggernaut that is pretty people in pleather growling at each other through prosthetic teeth. – Donna Dickens

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, January 20th

Fifteen years after they really should have made this movie, Vin Diesel returns as extreme sports dude/superspy Xander Cage. While the first movie was entertaining enough in its goofy nü-metal “DO THE DEW!” tone, the trailer feels like it was made in 2004 and sat on the shelf for a decade, right down the cheesy green-screened explosions. – Dan Sietz

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, January 27th

Hollywood has yet to discover the half-life of our infatuation with zombies, so it’s not a surprise that Milla Jovovich will take another spin as the occasionally super-powered slayer of the undead. I’d argue this franchise has been the most successful of all video game spin-off films, and despite uneven entries and a predisposition for camp, there are enough fans to see this series through to the end to make it worth the studios effort. – DD


Rings, Feburary 3rd

In this direct sequel to The Ring Two, somebody discovers a movie within the notorious cursed videotape that is somehow even more horrific than the child abuse and murder that anchors the original tape. This, admittedly, is silly, but it has an admirable boldness to it that makes us want to see it. – DS

T2 Trainspotting, February 3rd

Renton, Begbie, and the whole surviving gang are back, twenty years after Renton burned his bridges in the finale of the first movie. He’s trying to make it up to the crew while dodging Begbie, who unsurprisingly has just gotten out of prison. With the entire cast back, and Danny Boyle behind the camera, it’ll be curious to see what’s changed in the intervening twenty years. – DS

Fifty Shades Darker, February 10th

We knew this was coming as the first film grossed an obscene amount of money. 50 Shades of Grey hauled in a worldwide total of $571 million on a budget of only $40 million. But with the shine off the source material, and the second novel delving into even more taboos such as statutory rape, can momentum sustain the sequel? – DD

John Wick: Chapter Two, February 10th

John Wick was a throwback to the spare, noirish action movies, but with some of the best action scene design and choreography since The Matrix. The sequel looks to be more of the same, and who could turn that down? – DS

The LEGO Batman Movie, February 10th

“Darkness. No parents. Super rich. Kinda makes it better.” Those are the words sung by LEGO Batman during his turn in The LEGO Movie. Now I’m not saying Will Arnett is the best version of Batman, I’m just also not not saying that. Regardless of his ranking on the Bat-scale, I think we can all agree Batman’s LEGO alter-ego was one of the best parts of the original film and, in a world of gritty superheroes, maybe what audiences really need right now is a movie willing to stop taking caped vigilantes so seriously. – DD

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