When Will ‘Air’ Be Available For Streaming?

Update (5/3/23): Air will make its debut on streaming when it lands on Amazon Prime Video on May 12. As of May 2, Air grossed $74.7 million worldwide and received praise from critics all over.

Original Article (4/10/23): Time was audiences waited six months, sometimes even a year after a theatrical debut for a new movie to wind up on home video. Not anymore. The pandemic has screwed up the industry’s release plans, with each studio or streamer having its own plans. But what of Air, a movie produced and distributed by Amazon. The basketball docudrama is their first wide release since 2019’s Late Night. It’s only playing in theaters right now, and Amazon can drop it on their service whenever they feel like it.

So when is Air hitting Amazon Prime?

There is no official answer just yet, but there’s an inkling of when it could happen. In a profile of the company’s movie wing from late February, Deadline got the skinny on the streamer’s plans. Back then, at least, they were eying a 45-day window from the movie’s April 5 release date. Do the math and that would mean Air could hit Prime on May 20.

That said, Deadline reported that that 45-day window “depends on how well it holds,” meaning that if it’s a smash box office hit — and Amazon feels like making some more scratch — they may extend that later.

So how did Air do opening weekend? Pretty well for a non-blockbuster. It opened third, after The Super Mario Bros. Movie and John Wick: Chapter 4 and ahead of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and Scream VI. It even had a decent per-screen-average of $4,122. That’s not setting the box office ablaze, but it’s decent numbers for a movie about a shoe. And it’s doing much better than the previous (very good) Ben Affleck-Matt Damon picture.