These ‘Bad Santa’ Lines Will Get You Slapped

12.16.15 2 years ago


There had been plenty of Ebenezer Scrooges before Bad Santa came along in 2003, but none of them hated Christmas with the vitriol of Willie (Billy Bob Thornton). Willie out scrooged them all with his foul-mouthed hatred of the holidays and all things associated with it. The man unleashed a string of booze-soaked, curse words on anybody who dared even the slightest interaction with him and the result was one of the funniest — and certainly dirtiest — holiday movies ever.

We’ll get to see how Willie has fared in life with the release of Bad Santa 2, but in the meantime, we have his filthy quotes to cherish this holiday season. Good luck finding a reason to use these dirty gems without coming off like an unbalanced Scrooge and alienating everyone around you.

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