Channing Tatum Is Giving The People What They Want In ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’: A ‘One-On-One Lap Dance’

The gap between Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL was three years. It’s now been seven years since Joe Manganiello took his shirt off inside a convenience store while dancing to “I Want It That Way,” which is far too long. There should be a new Magic Mike movie every two years, at least. The MCU? No thanks. The MMCU? Now that’s more like it.

Fortunately, there’s a new Magic Mike movie coming. Unfortunately, based on the title, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, it’s likely the final Magic Mike movie. At least the titular last dance will be a lap dance, according to star Channing Tatum. “You’ve seen me dance onstage, but you’ve never seen me give an intimate, straight-up one-on-one lap dance. That’s definitely going to be in the third one,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I have a pretty crazy dance that opens the movie. We kick it off on a pretty strong level and then at the end, I might do a version of the water dance in [Magic Mike Live].”

But will there be a splash zone?

“There’s a splash zone in the movie, so it’s a for real thing.”

We deserve the “Super Bowl of stripper movies” for having to wait so long.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)