Chris Hemsworth Shared His (Loud) Workout Secret For Getting Insanely Jacked As Thor

As Thor: Love and Thunder gets ready to (dad) rock audiences, Chris Hemsworth is motivating his fans to get into shape by revealing the secret to his ridiculously jacked physique: yelling and screaming. In a new Instagram video, Hemsworth lays out his workout routine for getting those super swoll Thor pecs, and the God of Thunder makes it clear that he doesn’t enter the Valley of the Ripped quietly.

Via Men’s Health:

“We’re about to roll into a heavy chest workout, lots of yelling, lots of screaming,” he says in the video, in which he demonstrates each move with the help of trainer and Centr coach Luke Zocchi. “I don’t care where you are, whether you’re at home, on a bus, on a train, or on a plane, I want to hear you yelling! So move it, get involved!”

You can scope out Hemsworth’s workout routine below:

On top of inspiring others to push themselves to their physical limits, Marvel star is also keen on exercising the mind. Hemsworth has locked down an appearance on the BBC preschool show, CBeebies, where he’ll read a bedtime story to youngsters that will broaden their imaginations and get them well rested for another busy day.

“I love nothing more than reading bedtime stories to my children and it was a joy to get to read ‘Stormy Night,’ a story about a little bear who is scared of storms,” Hemsworth said in a statement to Variety. “Even though I know a thing or two about thunder and lightning, I always feel better when the storm passes.”

Thor: Love and Thunder rolls into theaters on July 8.

(Via Chris Hemsworth on Instagram)