Could Aaron Taylor-Johnson Be The Next James Bond?

Warning: This post contains a massive spoiler for the Bond movie No Time to Die.

It’s been a year since Daniel Craig’s James Bond died. What’s more, it’s been over three years since Craig last played England’s most famous fictitious spy, having wrapped his final day in the fall of 2019. Even before Craig was done playing him for good, there’s been breathless talk about who will be his replacement. Will we get the first non-white 007? Will he not even be a he? But right now it’s looking like producer Barbara Broccoli and company may go a more traditional route after all.

As per Puck News, the franchise’s producers recently met with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who broke through as the lead in the Kick-Ass films, briefly played Pietro Maximoff for the MCU, scored a Golden Globe for Nocturnal Animals, and more recently appeared in Tenet and Bullet Train. The meeting, Puck News’ Matthew Belloni claimed, “went well.” He also called him a “great actor, British, fits the younger direction the Broccolis want to go, accomplished but not particularly famous.”

This is, of course, hearsay, and what’s more, Broccoli said they’re still a ways off from even shooting the next film. Last summer she said they were “at least two years” away from principal photography. They could go with Taylor-Johnson, who would be yet another handsome Brit in a franchise that has mostly stuck with actors from the U.K. (The exception is George Lazenby, an Aussie, who only stuck around for 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.)

In the meantime, Taylor-Johnson will soon be returning to Marvel as the lead in this fall’s Kraven the Hunter. But he may soon have to learn to like his martinis not stirred but, as it were, shaken.

(Via Puck News)