Daniel Craig Looks Back At His ‘Train Wreck’ First Press Conference As James Bond With Regret (But Not Too Much Regret)

Daniel Craig was introduced as the new James Bond at a press conference in 2005. He arrived on a speedboat and, based on this photo, looked like he was having a blast.

At least until the press conference started.

In an episode of the Hollywood Reporter‘s “Awards Chatter” podcast, Craig discussed how his 007 debut was a “f*cking train wreck.” Here’s how podcast host Scott Feinberg set the scene: “You’re 37 and you are brought to the press conference that’s going to announce your casting in a Royal Navy boat that comes down the River Thames, and basically, it was a barrage of sh*t.” People were apparently upset that Craig wore a lifejacket on the boat and maybe chewed gun during the press conference; he was also accused of being “too blonde” and “not tall enough” to play James Bond. Feinberg asked Craig how he handled that pressure and whether he had anyone to talk about it.

“The honest answer is nobody,” he said. “Once the announcement was made and we did that incredibly successful press conference… I’ve watched bits of it. It’s a f*cking train wreck. In some ways, I regret the way that press conference went; in other ways, I’m very happy the way that press conference went. I didn’t know how to turn on the charm, which was to be charming and be artful about it, ‘Oh, that’s a lovely question, how nice of you to ask that.’ I was just, ‘F*ck you! You, f*ck you as well!’ That’s all I wanted to say.”

Craig should have. The poker scene in Casino Royale is cool. But you know what’s cooler? Yelling “f*ck you” after jumping off a speedboat.

You can watch the press conference above, and listen to the podcast below.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter and Mediaite)