Drew Barrymore Thinks Her ‘Scream’ Character Might Have Survived The First Movie Despite All The, Uh, Stabbing

When the first Scream movie premiered in 1996, it bucked Hollywood conventions by casting a major star like Drew Barrymore and then immediately killing her off in the opening scene. (Sorry, spoiler alert!) Barrymore’s character, Casey Becker, was the first victim of the now iconic Ghostface, who taunted her over the phone with the infamous “Do you like scary movies?” line before hanging her from a tree by her own intestines.

Casey’s murder was a brutal setup for the rest of the film, and for the sake of this post, a pretty definitive death. Yet, if you ask Barrymore, she thinks there’s a chance Casey might still be alive out there.

Here’s what she told her talk show sidekick, Ross Matthews, via Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s funny. I’ve never thought of it this way, but I’m pretty sure a C-section is comparable to what happened to her,” Barrymore replied. “Like, literally. And I’m here! I’m fine! So, maybe Casey Becker will be okay.”

“Okay, who’s buying their tickets for Scream VII you guys?” Matthews enthusiastically asked the audience. “Let’s make it happen!”

To which Barrymore teased, “With good writing, you can make anything happen.”

We’re not medical doctors, but we’re pretty sure you cannot get brutally stabbed, disemboweled, hung by said bowels, and then walk around later like it was no big thing. We also have some serious questions about who’s been giving Drew Barrymore advice about childbirth. Is everyone okay here? Like, other than Casey Becker, who is, to be clear, extremely dead.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)