Drew Barrymore Resurrected Her Character From ‘Scream,’ Wondering What Would Have Happened Had She Lived

Back in 1996, Scream helped launch a new era of self-aware, post-modern horror, featuring characters who watched the genre’s movies and knew all the clichés — though that didn’t always stop them from being killed anyway. It also ushered in something else: It marked what was effectively the beginning of Drew Barrymore’s comeback. The actress had a rough patch in her youth, and though she was only in the opening, it was iconic enough to kickstart her second act, paving the way for the rom-coms that would make her an A-list star and, now, a talk show host who reunites with exes.

Scream itself is being rebooted, and though it won’t feature Barrymore — her character was not so lucky — that doesn’t mean she can’t resurrect her anyway. For The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress/TV personality imagined what life would be like for her character, Casey Becker, had she not run afoul of a serial killer clad in a cape and mask reminiscent of Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

So what would 2020 Casey be like? Well, she’d still have that blonde bob, apparently. She’d also have traded in that cordless landline for a cellphone. The short sketch finds the movie’s murderer again stalking Casey by phone. But just as most people know not to pick up robocalls, Casey knows not to answer a call from an unknown number and simply goes on living her life. It’s a lesson the writers of Scream 5 better consider: No one answers their phone in the 21st century.

(Via The Loop)