‘Fantastic Four’ Director Josh Trank (Maybe) Tweets A First Look At The Thing

UPDATE: The twitter account the picture of The Thing was sourced from may be a fake account. Twitter has not yet verified this.

Fantastic Four director Josh Trank [or an imposter] tweeted earlier today that shooting has wrapped on the film. We could have sworn it had already wrapped weeks ago when Kate Mara (Sue Storm) tweeted this:

Wait, why is Rachel Maddow in this photo, doing duckface? Oh, that’s just Miles Teller.

The guy in the far right of that photo is Jamie Bell from Billy Elliot and Snowpiercer. He’s playing Ben Grimm (The Thing). No really. The ballet kid from Billy Elliot is clobberin’ things now, and it appears Trank is thankfully using practical effects instead of a creepy, all-CGI version of The Thing. He revealed part of these practical effects by tweeting this set photo of The Thing:

A photo leaked of this same prop earlier this year, but we weren’t sure if it was real. Now the director himself confirms it, saying “Well, it’s out. There’s your first look at Ben.” It’s actually kind of refreshing to see a director just admit when a leaked photo from the set is real. Now if only he’d tell us what we really want to know about The Thing.

Fantastic Four opens June 19th, 2015, with a sequel planned for July 14th, 2017.