‘Ghostbusters’ Producer Ivan Reitman Has An Idea For How The Franchise Can Go International In A Big Way

As is nature’s way, ghosts need to be busted. Not just for their sake, but also because it makes Ray Parker Jr. feel good and when he feels good, the world feels good. If the director of the original Ghostbusters sees his vision through, there’s more bustin’ to be had and it’s going to arrive with a mixed universe touch complete with an international angle.

Speaking with Super News Live, Ivan Reitman (who also produced the 2016 take on the franchise) suggested that there’s room for loads more Ghostbusters stories beyond what’s already bubbled up. According to Reitman, there’s no rule restricting Ghostbusters to American affairs. (INTERPOL may disagree, but whatever.)

“What we’ve been doing a lot of is thinking about the franchise rights for Ghostbusters.’ Because Ghostbusters, that idea doesn’t have to just take place in New York, it can happen over the world,” explained Reitman (transcript h/t The Playlist) “I think it would be really cool to see Korean ghosts or Chinese ghosts. All those great traditions in the world have all these tales and things those people are afraid of. To have a sort of local group of Ghostbusters that tie with the head office in New York would be fun.”

That’s just a fun thing to have a nice sit and think about even if it doesn’t come to fruition. You’re welcome to do so if you like, but the Finnish arm would have to deal with some chilling spooky sh*t.

Reitman also noted his desire for the Ghostbusters worlds (both ’80s and modern) to be linked. It didn’t quite happen the way he wanted in the Paul Feig’s take, but he’s optimistic they could still meld together in a future form.

“We’re doing a lot of work about where do we go next with ‘Ghostbusters.’ I think one thing that fans have clearly wanted, and so did I, that somehow we tie the worlds together. I think it was a little awkward that it wasn’t connected, and we certainly heard a lot from everybody out there. So I would definitely want to connect to all of that.”

This slice of Ghostbusters insight comes not too far removed from Crystal Head Vodka impresario Dan Aykroyd’s criticism of how Paul Feig approached the most recent film. A response to that criticism would later come from Sony.

(Via Super News Live & The Playlist)