J.K. Simmons Shares His Take On The Petition Calling For His Return As J. Jonah Jameson

Contrary to what the Daily Bugle might lead you to believe, it’s not just pictures of Spider-Man they’re clamouring for. They want pictures of J. Jonah Jameson too and they want ’em featuring the man that was pure perfection in the role a couple movies back. (Sorry, Webhead.)

A fan petition has bubbled up pushing for J.K. Simmons (actor/pitchman/hilarious-initial-haver) to return to his role as the planet’s favorite bombastic media power player. Entertainment Tonight caught up with Simmons at the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards and asked him if this call for his return could spin off into seeing J.K. Jonah Jameson ride again. His response?

“That petition does not come from anybody that is in a position to actually do anything about it.”

There was a gentle laugh in Simmons reply, but you’re welcome to read that like a moustachioed editor is yelling at you. (We’ve gotta take what we can get, y’know.) When pressed if he’d be interested in returning to the role, Simmons played things cordial, but noncommittal.

“Doing those movies with Sam [Raimi] was one of the great joys of my career and it was a super fun character…so I’ll never close the door on anything.”

It may have just have been award season fatigue, but Simmons seemed a bit less bullish about the prospect than he was last year. Everything is subject to change when it comes to show business, so let’s all read too much into Simmons’ thoughts and go from there.

The re-rebooted return of Spider-Man is set to arrive in theaters on July 7, 2017 with Tom Holland as Spidey and Cop Car helmer Jon Watts in the director’s chair.

(Via ComicBookMovie)