People (Still) Will Not Stop Shouting ‘Big Lebowski’ Quotes At Jeff Bridges

Thanks to his work on the gripping FX series, The Old Man, iconic screen actor Jeff Bridges joined this year’s Hollywood Reporter‘s Emmy roundtable, where he shared breathing exercises and commiserated with his colleagues about awkward fan interactions.

After Pedro Pascal revealed that Game of Thrones fans used to make a pretty wild (and in some cases, infectious) request for selfies after his character on the hit HBO series met a gruesome demise, Bridges revealed the one role that still follows him to this day: The Big Lebowski. And then he and Succession star Kieran Culkin had a little conversation about, well, that.

Via THR:

JEFF BRIDGES I get The Dude. People just dig The Big Lebowski, it’s such a good movie.

CULKIN Do people shout quotes at you? “This is what happens when you f*ck a stranger in the a**.”

BRIDGES Oh yeah, the quotes.

Of course, right after Bridges revealed he still gets pelted with quotes, Kieran Culkin couldn’t help but share his favorite The Big Lebowski line. Like Bridges said, it’s such a good movie!

“The one I use a lot, because there’s never a context for it, is ‘Nice marmot,'” Culkin revealed. “Whenever there’s a lull in the conversation, I’ll just, like, point at someone’s plant and go, ‘Nice marmot.'”

The Succession star would drop the marmot line a few more times during the roundtable before moving on to “daddy parts.” (Yup, you read that.)

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)