Pedro Pascal And Kieran Culkin Addressed Fan Fixations About The Whole ‘Daddy Thing’ While Apparently Giggling

Still riding high from his performance in The Last of Us, internet favorite Pedro Pascal took part in The Hollywood Reporter‘s Drama Actor Roundtable where the conversation, of course, delved into his “Daddy” appeal. While flanked by his fellow HBO actor Kieran Culkin, Pascal isn’t bothered by the attention even though he’s come to realize that “Daddy” is meant for an older gentleman while “husband” seems to apply to younger actors like Damson Idris, who also took part on the panel.

“Yeah, I am having fun with it,” Pascal said. “[The daddy thing] seems a little role-related. There was a period where the Mandalorian is very daddy to baby Grogu, and Joel is very daddy to Ellie. These are daddy parts. That’s what it is.”

However, the conversation quickly devolved when Culkin couldn’t resist latching onto the phrase “daddy parts.” Also, there was some bad news for anyone who’s hoping to make Pascal a real daddy. You might want to sit down for this one.

Via THR:

PASCAL I’m not a daddy and (looks directly to camera) I’m not going to be a daddy.

CULKIN I’m a daddy. Nobody likes my daddy parts.

PASCAL Did you just say, “Nobody likes my daddy parts”?

CULKIN They like your daddy parts. (Laughter.)

If you can picture Succession’s Roman Roy saying all of that, you’re not alone. This exchange was peak Roman minus a few F-bombs.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)