John Krasinski Teases His Involvement With ‘A Quiet Place 2,’ And Emily Blunt Is Rumored To Be Returning As Well

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John Krasinski’s directing success in A Quiet Place, in which he both starred and monstered-out, cemented him as a Hollywood force. The film was a smash hit on both the domestic ($188 million) and global ($340 million) fronts, and although (MILD SPOILER ALERT) Krasinski’s character was killed after purposefully emitting a primal scream, we quickly learned that he’d be returning at least to write a sequel. Well, The Office‘s Jim surfaced on Instagram today with a teasing photo from the family’s home in the sleeper success, along with an official sequel release date. “…time to go back. #PartII 5-15-20,” he wrote.

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…time to go back. #PartII 5-15-20

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Is that … alien poop? That’s not too important but worth asking, and Deadline now reports word from sources that Krasinski is returning to direct the followup. There are also details of a start date and Emily Blunt’s returning character:

Production we hear begins in July on the Brad Fuller and Andrew Form produced film. We also hear that Emily Blunt’s deal for the sequel is closed as well. She recently won a Screen Actors Guild best supporting actress award for her turn in the film.

If true, that’s obviously fantastic news. Everyone had best practice holding their breath while we wait and while we hope for some relieving laughter about Krasinski maybe playing the monsters again. Pleeeease let this happen.

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