John Krasinski Has Revealed That He Secretly Played The Aliens In ‘A Quiet Place’

By now, you’re likely aware that John Krasinski directed, co-wrote, and starred in A Quiet Place, which is widely regarded as one of the best horror films of the year. And we’re relaying this update in a slightly dated manner, given that this Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip aired on Tuesday night, but this detail is too good not to pass on for those who missed it. Above, a slightly embarrassed Krasinski admitted to Kimmel that he didn’t simply play a father attempting to protect his family from murderous aliens but that he secretly embodied the aliens as well.

“Nobody knows it because I’ve kept it quiet,” Krasinski revealed while cracking a joke about the impending end of his career when Kimmel pulled out the visual evidence for all to witness. Here’s a photo of Krasinski in a motion capture suit while performing as one of the monsters. It’s not a flattering look, for sure.

Via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

“The commitment level was very high,” Krasinski added while explaining how he threw on the suit during a discussion about how the aliens would move. He was “totally” game to take the physical jump, even if the raw imagery has now been blasted all over late night TV.

The two men then launched into a discussion of how “risky” it was for Krasinski to direct his wife, Emily Blunt, in the film. Krasinski then told the story of how Blunt asked to read the script (which he wrote “with her in mind”) and that she positively insisted upon playing the role. “She genuinely looked sick,” he said of her post-script-reading reaction on a plane. “And I was reaching for a barf bag thinking she was gonna throw up, and instead she said, ‘You can’t let anyone do this movie.'”

A sequel for A Quiet Place was announced in April shortly after the film’s resounding box-office success. Krasinski will somehow be involved, though (mild spoiler alert) his character didn’t make it through the first film. Perhaps he’ll produce, co-write again, or even direct, but if we’re really lucky, he’ll throw on another motion capture suit.