Two Fans Played The ‘Star Wars’ Theme Outside John Williams’ House And Got A Big Surprise

Celebrities are people, too. Remember that the next time you ask the star of NCIS for an autograph while he’s on the phone, or explain to an actress who was in one scene in Jurassic Park all the reasons why cloning dinosaur DNA from mosquitoes wouldn’t work. They don’t want to be bothered. That being said, if you ever find yourself outside composer John Williams’ residence, don’t hesitate to perform “Main Title” from Star Wars. He might enjoy it.

Bryce Hayashi and Michael Miller made the “spontaneous decision to set up and play the Star Wars theme in front of John Williams’ house on 7/11/2016,” they wrote on YouTube. Hayashi played the high part on trumpet and Miller provided the low part on flugelhorn, and they nailed it. It was a bold move on the musicians’ part, mainly because they somehow knew Williams’ address (the house is located in a fancy part of Los Angeles). I’m surprised one of his neighbors didn’t call the cops (looking at you, Hans Zimmer). Instead, Williams came outside and warmly greeted Hayashi and Miller.

Imagine if the man who provided the scores for Jaws, Superman, and his greatest triumph, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York didn’t want to be distracted, though. Maybe he was working on his next triumph. Williams knew he should have installed those laser gates from The Phantom Menace on his front yard…

Although that’s more of a George Lucas thing, I guess.