Marvel Hasn’t ‘Backed The Truck Up’ To Wesley Snipes’ House For The New ‘Blade’ Movie… Yet

In 2019, two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Blade after the character was previously played by Wesley Snipes in 1998’s Blade, 2002’s Blade II (it rules), and 2004’s Blade: Trinity. There are no hard feelings about the recasting from Snipes, who thinks Ali will do “great” because “he’s a good actor, he’s a talented actor, and he appreciates the craft, the art form of acting,” he told Forbes. “Those who approach the craft that way usually do very, very well, and I think he’s done pretty good so far, so I have great confidence. And his name is Mahershala Ali, c’mon!”

Snipes was also asked whether he’s been contacted by Marvel about appearing in the Blade reboot. “I hear it from other people who hear it from other people,” he answered. “But they haven’t backed the truck up yet to the house and said, ‘Let’s ride.’ They haven’t done that one yet.” (They call that the Krusty the Clown special.) If Spider-Man: No Way Home can have three Spider-Men, why can’t Blade have two Blades?

Blade, which is directed by Bassam Tariq and written by Tariq and Stacy Osei-Kuffour, does not currently have a release date.

(Via Forbes)