Millie Bobby Brown Wants To Play Britney Spears Because She Feels Like She Could Tell Her Story The ‘Right Way’

Britney Spears was all of 10 years old when she made her TV debut on Star Search. That’s roughly the same age that Millie Bobby Brown was when she was cast on Stranger Things. Both women became unfathomably famous at a young age (Millie is the same age now as Britney was when she recorded Oops!… I Did It Again), which is why Bobby Brown thinks she would make a great Britney in a TV show or movie.

“I want to play a real person and I think for me, Britney. [It] would be Britney Spears. I think her story, first of all, resonates with me,” the actress told host Drew Barrymore on Monday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. “Just growing up in the public eye watching her videos, watching interviews of how when she was younger. I mean, same thing with you.” Bobby Brown is right: let Drew Barrymore play Britney.

She continued, “I don’t know her, but when I look at pictures of her, I feel like I could tell her story in the right way and hers only.”

A different Stranger Things star should play every artist on the Now That’s What I Call Music! 2 album. Millie as Britney. Winona Ryder as Sheryl Crow. Gaten Matarazzo as Robbie Williams. David Harbour as, uh, the guy from Everclear. Let’s make it happen.

You can watch The Drew Barrymore Show clip above.

(Via People)